DIY Task Your finished game

Code a game that will test the reaction times of the security team at the House of Volkov. When you press play the characters will flash on and off the screen and you will score points when you click on the thief. You game needs:

  • A game board
  • 5 guests and 1 thief
  • A play button
  • A score alert

If you’re stuck, copy this piece of code. You’ll find the background, guest and thief images in the resources section for this mission. Don’t forget you need to make sure the file names of the images in this block of code match your saved file names. You can make the game faster to make it harder. Don’t forget to save your file in your Coding folder and call it securitygame.html

See the Pen M5 DIY Your finished game by Walker Books UK (@walkerbooks) on CodePen.