Mission 1: Build a web page

In Mission 1 you are going to learn how to code in the programming languages HTML and CSS. Start off by learning what HTML is and how it works. Then use HTML tags to create a web page. Learn how to change the way your web page looks by coding paragraphs and line breaks, adding images and dividing your page into sections.

Then learn how you can use HTML with a new programming language called CSS. Change the layout and design of your web page by altering the colour, size and shape of your elements. Finally in the Do It Yourself Task use your new skills to build a web page of your own.

Do it yourself task:Build a web page

Use your new HTML and CSS skills to build a web page for Professor Bairstone that tells the world about the discovery of the Monk Diamond. Your web page should have an interesting layout and contain both text and images.

Useful resources for this mission

The Monk Diamond

Get an image of the Monk Diamond.


The team

Get an image of the expedition team.


Professor Bairstone

Get an image of Professor Bairstone.


The Monk Diamond fact file

See the Monk Diamond fact file from the Explorer’s Encyclopedia.