Mission 5: Side-Scrolling Platformer

In Mission 5, we looked at how to code a side-scrolling platformer. Platformers are one of the most influential genres of games, made famous by Nintendo games such as Donkey Kong and  Super Mario. In our version of a side-scrolling platformer, a cat character called Scratch will have to run and jump through the game world to complete the level. He will have to jump on to platforms and avoid the pits and enemy tigers.

The game build for this game is complex and over 300 lines long. You’ve learnt lots of the concepts in the previous games though. Download the code and follow the instructions below to set up the file.

How to make your game work

  1. Create a folder called Super Scratch. The code block and all resources need to go in this folder, otherwise your computer won’t know where to find the files. Download the screenshot in the “How to Save Your Files” resource below to see exactly what your folder should look like.
  2. Copy and paste the code block into your text-editing program and save it in the folder.
  3. Download the level.png file and save it in the folder.
  4. Download the level-map.txt file and save it the folder. Don’t worry that this looks like lots of lines of code!
  5. Download and save the Graphics zip file. There are multiple files within the Zip folders, so check that you have all of these saved too.
  6. Download and save the Sounds zip file.
  7. Your game should be ready to play. Use the WASD keys to make Super Scratch move!

Do it yourself task:Super Scratch

Here's the completed code block for the finished game.

Useful resources for this mission