Mission 3: Build an app

In Mission 3 you are going to learn how to build an app using HTML and JavaScript. An app, which is a short for “application”, is a type of program built to help a user with a specific task. In this mission you are going to code a to-do list app. The user will be able to add tasks to create their to-do list. Then when they’ve completed the task, they will be able to remove it from the list by clicking on it.

To make the app, you first need to learn to create a button using JavaScript. Then you are going to use two APIs (Application Program Interfaces) called the DOM (Document Object Model) and localStorage. These APIs allow you to program you web browser to make things appear or disappear from screen and store information.

Do it yourself task:Build a to-do list app

Use your new HTML and JavaScript skills to code a to-do list app for Professor Bairstone. You need to use the DOM and localStorage APIs.

Useful resources for this mission

The House of Volkov logo

Get the logo for the House of Volkov.


Mr Volkov

Get an image of Mr Volkov to use in your app design.


To-do list

See the tasks on Professor Bairstone’s list.